Hospi Safe


Many of you are asking where your claims should be submitted.

This depends on the treatment date
Before 01/01/2020 : The former process applies and claims should be sent to Cigna
After 01/01/2020 : Send your claims to Allianz Care (Allianz Care – 1, place du Samedi – 1000 Brussels)


Reimbursement Process

  1. Receive medical care and pay the healthcare provider

  2. Before contacting Allianz Care and in accordance with the applicable regulations, send your claims to the JSIS

  3. Fill in the Allianz Care Claim Form

  4. Send the Settlement Note issued by the JSIS together with the Claim Form to Allianz Care

Claims are to be submitted to Allianz Care at the latest three years after the date of the Settlement Note issued by the JSIS..

In accordance with the limits established by the banking regulations, Allianz Care refunds you in the currency of your choice. The change rate at the date of the issue of the invoice or on the reimbursement date will be prevailing.


Download the Claim Form



Reimbursement conditions

Allianz Care only reimburses costs based on the JSIS Settlement Note.

For Hospi Safe Plus :

Reasonable and Customary Costs : If the medical expenses are not reimbursed by the JSIS, Allianz Care will only cover the reasonable and customary costs in accordance with the normal operating practices.
Supporting Documents : A copy of the supporting documents will be requested if the medical costs are not covered by the JSIS.  In that case, please hold the master copies and provide a copy of the documents to Allianz Care.