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The 3 Options

HOSPI SAFE SICKNESS & ACCIDENT (formerly called « Hospi Safe »), which covers the hopsitalisation costs linked to a disease or an accident,

HOSPI SAFE SICKNESS, which covers the same costs, but linked to a disease only,

HOSPI SAFE PLUS, which not only offers the same cover as « Hospi Safe Sickness & Accident », but also a wide range of additional benefits.


Who is Covered ?

Afiliatys members covered by the JSIS and their rightful claimants benefiting from the care of a basic scheme, namely :

  • The officials and other agents from the Institutions, agencies and other bodies of the European Union, actives or having held a statutory position within those organizations,
  • Membres of the active staff of the EIB, Eurocontrol, the European University Institute of Florence, European schools and any other community organisations created by an Institution depending from the EEC,
  • Retired staff of all the Institutions, agencies and bodies of the European Union above-mentioned.


What is Covered ?

This cover is supplementary to the JSIS.  Allianz Care only reimburses costs approved on the JSIS Settlement Note, under the same conditions.
The reimbursement amount cannot exceed the cost paid for expenses resulting from a disease, a pregnancy or an accident, after having received a reimbursement of any kind that you are entitled to claim, and before the payment is processed under the conditions of the JSIS social security system.
If more than one insurance contracts of the same nature are concluded with different insurers, your contract will only come into effect in accordance with the limitations of every other insurance contract, irrespective of the issue date of the contract.

If you need a treatment as a consequence of the actions of a third-party, please inform Allianz Care in writing as soon as possible (eg : healthcare related to the fact that you are an injured victim of a car accident).  We would appreciate being notified the contact details of the insurance of the person involved so that Allianz Care can liaise with his broker.  Should you receive a double payment from Allianz Care and from the person involved, the amount will have to be refunded to Allianz Care.


Where am I Covered ?

The insurance is valid worldwide.  However, reimbursement of the incurred costs outside the European Economic Area cannot exceed the amount reimbursed by the JSIS, up to a ceiling of 25.000€ per person insured per calendar year.


Can I add a person to my Contract ?

Yes, you can.  To add beneficiaries to your contract (partner, child), simply inform us in writing to :
Allianz Care
1, place du Samedi
1000 Brussels

Don’t forget to add a copy of the birth certificate of your newborn so that he is immediately covered.  (Has to be done within the 4 weeks after birth). 

You will receive an updated insurance certificate upon validation of the subscription of the new beneficiary.


Beginning and Termination of my Cover

Your cover starts on the day of your subscription.  However, in compliance with Article 18 of the contract, this cover ends on the date at which the Subscriber could decide to cancel his Afiliatys Membership, or in the event of unpaid owed premiums at the termination date of the contract.

The cover of family membres end at the same time as the policy holder except for the beneficiaries entitled to a survivor’s pension open further to the death of one of the main subscribers (cf.Article 9 of the contract).

Reimbursement of incurred costs ends at the termination of the insurance contract.  Costs incurred within the cover period will be reimbursed six months after the expiration date of the JSIS Settlement Note at the latest.   Ongoing treatments or additional necessary care after the expiration date will no more be covered.