Hospi Safe

Change in broker

You may find theses on our website, by clicking on the “Newsletters” section.  

We have indeed been informed through indirect sources that Cigna was preparing a rival product.  This is not related to Afiliatys in any way, and will not be named Hospi Safe or Hospi Safe Plus.

You are of course welcome to compare the two offers, but we strongly recommend a careful analysis.  Afiliatys selected the option that would serve its Members’ best interests and cannot assume any liability for other products, or their stability.

Please find a comparison of the products to help you have a clear vision.

Unless otherwise specified, we confirm that your contract has been transferred since January, 1st 2020 to Allianz Care and that you are fully covered, the same way as you were before.

The only action requested from your side is to confirm your contact details and payment information (which could not be passed from one broker to another for legal reasons) through the link send by Allianz Care.
If you have not received this link, please contact our persons in charge of Afiliatys at Allianz Care at igo.assistance@allianzworldwidecare.com who will assist you in the process.