Hospi Safe

Hospitalisation Insurance Supplementary to the JSIS

Dear Members,

You will find in this website the relevant information about the Hospi Safe and Hospi Safe Plus covers, now managed by Allianz Care.

Further to your questions and comments, we confirm that :

  • HOSPI SAFE stays HOSPI SAFE. The change in broker builds on what has been existing for decades. Your cover is absolutely identical to your former benefits.

  • ALLIANZ CARE reimburses 100% of the remaining sum covered by the JSIS (limit of 25.000 € per person and per year outside of the EEA).

  • You can subscribe until the retirement date (a medical questionnaire will be requested if you subscribe within 6 months before this date).

  • Dependent children are covered until 26 years old.

  • Pregnancy costs are covered.

  • Hard copies of the documents are available upon request.

  • Premiums can be paid by wire transfer, as well as by credit card and direct debit.

  • ALLIANZ CARE is compliant with the Directive on Data Protection of May, 25th, 2018 both for the collection and for the sharing of information. All data transfer must be subject to the prior agreement of the policy holder. Any condition contrary to the Directive should be considered as null and void.